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About Fish & Soy

Fish & Soy is established in 2015.

The team at Fish & Soy have an vision to source and deliver a fantastic range of Asian groceries to Australian residents. With over hundreds of products from a variety of countries, our aim is to provide a range of everyday essentials, as well as specialised items you would not find anywhere else. 

Our team will be scouring the world for products that are free of preservatives and additives to provide the healthiest option possible.

Why take your precious time to shop for groceries when we can deliver it to your doorstep. We will continuously improve our catalogue and strive to have the best quality products available to you. Please contact us to let us know about special or popular items we may be missing from our catalogue. We will try our best to source it.

Another online grocery store? Yes! But what's the difference? 

  1. We want to become the go to supplier for all your asian grocery needs, for all types of asian cuisines - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian. We aim to expand our range to cover the rest of asia.
  2. No asian grocery near you? We do home delivery to the Sydney area - see our delivery locations. Or choose to get it in the post!
  3. We want to provide authentic and hard to find products you normally wouldn't be able to get at your local supermarket. Let us know what you need/want and we will do our best to source it.
  4. We want to cater for the health conscious and special dietary needs. Our range will include organic, gluten free, low sodium and MSG free products.

Why are we called Fish & Soy?

Fish & Soy are the humble owners of this business. 

  • Fish, that is me, a lovely lady that hails from Vietnam and loves to cook and eat - and use fish sauce!
  • Soy, a mild mannered gentleman from Taiwan, passionate about his family, cooking, food and Taiwan!!

We hope you enjoy buying and using the products from our store to produce delicious food or just to have a yummy quick meal.