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Taiwanese Style Sesame Noodle

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Dry noodles are among the cheapest and yummiest noodle dish you can get in Taiwan. There are thousands of roadside noodle shops in Taiwan that sell many different versions of dry noodles. The most common one is usually mixed with braised pork sauce. At home if you don't have time to make braised pork sauce, here's a quick simple recipe for everyone. All you need is to cook the noodles (similar to cooking pasta) and mix it it with a special sesame paste sauce. Enjoy!


1/2 a packet of dried noodles (150gm)
- chopped shallots


1 tbs of soy sauce paste
1 tbs of oyster sauce
1 tsp of sesame oil
- 1 tsp of chilli oil
- 1 tbs of black sesame paste
1/2 tbs of fried shallots


1. Prepare all the sauce ingredients in a mixing bowl

2. Mix the ingredients together
3. In a separate pot, boil the water and cook the dried
4. Once the noodles are cooked, drain the water.

5. Mix the noodles with the sauce6. Plate and add the shallots.

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