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Vietnamese Iced Coffee With a Twist

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As summer is approaching I love having a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Traditionally Vietnamese Iced Coffee uses a dark roast blend which is roasted with rum and french butter. To make a traditional Vietnamese Coffee you will need a "Vietnamese Coffee Phin Filter" and condensed milk. I am going to add a extra step to this easy recipe by shaking the iced coffee in and cocktail shaker. This enhances the creaminess of the coffee and adds an extra layer foam that looks just like Cappuccino. Enjoy our easy recipe!

Ingredients and equipment

Vietnamese Coffees

Trung Nguyen Creative 8
Trung Nguyen Creative 4Farmers Blend
Trung Nguyen Creative 8

Legendee Gold is a coffee created in the style of the classic Legendee, but with a new approach to taste and balance. 

Trung Nguyen Creative 4

Strong, deep, dark and complex. Many loyal Vietnamese drinkers proclaim Creative 4 Blend their favourite brew. 

Farmers Blend Single Origin

Farmer's Blend Vietnamese Ground Coffee mirrors the unique taste of Vietnam. 100% Robusta beans, Organically Sourced, Single Origin, Fair Traded.

Vietnamese Phin Filter

2-3 tbs of condensed milk

- Hot water 

- Small glass (It's preferable to use a glass mug or cup because you can watch the progress of the brewing)

- Serving glass 

- Cocktail Shaker


1. Prepare all the equipment

2. Place the coffees into the phin filter.

3. Press the coffee down with the filter press. 

4. Add condensed milk in drip glass.
5. Pour in a little water (a couple of tablespoons) to moisten and swell the coffee.
Wait about 20 seconds, then fill the chamber with hot water. The best temperature is 85°C to 90°C.
6. Place the lid on top and wait about 3 minutes for the water to drip through the grinds. Lift the lid to check on progress. 
At the same time fill the cocktail shaker with ice.


Dripping speed guide 

  • When the chamber is empty, lift the filter assembly 
    off the cup and turn the lid upside down, then place the filter assembly on it. 
  • The remaining drips of water will collect in the lid and keep your table clean. 
  • With a teaspoon mixed the coffee and condensed milk
8 Pour the coffee into cocktail shaker and shake for about 30 seconds.

9. Pour the iced coffee into a serving glass. 

10. Sprinkle with chocolate powder before serving.
Enjoy !

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