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  • Prima Taste Singapore Satay 275gm
  • Prima Taste Singapore Satay 275gm

Prima Taste Singapore Satay 275gm


Product Description

The traditional Singapore Satay features juicy meat chunks threaded on bamboo skewers and grilled to fragrant perfection. Served with a distinctive crunchy peanut-based dip that has made this dish a national favourite.

Pack consists of

Singapore Satay Marinade
Singapore Satay Peanut Paste
Singapore Satay Sauce Mix

Serves 3 - 4 portion(s) (24 sticks)

What You Need
Singapore Satay Marinade **    1 pkt
Vegetable oil (for Step 3) as desired    
Chicken leg (deboned with skin on) 350 g
Singapore Satay Sauce Mix ** 1 pkt
Water 150 ml
Vegetable oil (for Step 5) 25 ml
Singapore Satay Peanut Paste ** 1 pkt
Satay sticks 24 sticks
Cucumber, sliced as desired
Red onion, sliced as desired
Ketupat (compressed rice cakes) as desired
Spring onion optional

* Included in Prima Taste pack.
Note: Chicken leg should be sliced to about 35 x 5 mm and 5 mm thick.

Cooking Steps

1. Mix chicken leg with Singapore Satay Marinade. Leave in chiller for at least 6 hours.
2. Thread meat on satay sticks or skewers. Flatten meat with the back of a spoon for quicker and more even cooking. 
3. Brush satay sticks with vegetable oil and grill satay sticks till cooked. Note: Each stick of satay should weigh about 15 g.
4. Pour Singapore Satay Sauce Mix and and 150 ml water into a pot. Stir and heat on low heat till almost boiling.
5. Add 25 ml vegetable oil and mix well. When gravy is boiling, add Singapore Satay Peanut Paste and mix well. When a layer of oil forms on top of gravy, turn off heat.
6. Serve Singapore Satay hot with satay gravy, cut cucumber, red onions and ketupat.


You may use
- Pork, mutton or beef instead of chicken. 
- Peanut oil instead of vegetable oil for a more fragrant taste. 

Store in cool, dry place. After opening, keep pack refrigerated and use within 3 days.

Volume Conversion: 1 cup ˜ 230 ml

Product Videos

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Our Chef demonstrates how you can easily prepare your own delicious & authentic Singapore Curry with Prima Taste pastes & sauces in a step-by-step video. To purchase, visit our online store at http://www.primataste.com

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