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Exclusive - O'Long

O'LONG soy sauce is naturally brewed using black soybean and recommended for marinating, basting, stir-frying and dipping. There are no preservatives, MSG, or artificial colours or flavours. The subtropical weather in southern Taiwan is ideal for making black soybean soy sauce as the soy sauce is exposed to the sun for 120 days, producing a unique flavour and aroma.

The difference between black soybean soy sauce and regular soybean soy sauce is not just the material itself, the biggest difference is the production method. A warm brewing environment is needed with direct sunlight exposure to bring a special mellow and sweet flavour to the black soybean soy sauce. During the natural fermentation process, keeping the right temperature and humidity is key to creating the best conditions for the koji enzymes.The black soybean sauce is incubated in closed containers outdoors, extracting the juicy material for the soy sauce after 120 days. With years of research and experimentation, 120 days is the optimal fermentation period, as after 4 months, it's sweet taste and unique aroma are also degraded.