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  • Hidaka Hokkaido Kelp 100gm

Hidaka Hokkaido Kelp 100gm (Best Before 31/03/2018)

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Product Description

Hidaki Kelp from Hokkaido, is an all purpose kelp. It's thickness and softness make it best suited for simmered kelp, kelp simmered in soy sauce, and soup stock kelp.

Some 90% of the konbu caught in the waters off Japan is from Hokkaido. Capitalizing on its rich flavour, konbu kelp is used in soup broths, konbu-maki, oden and other simmered dishes, and tororo-konbu, which is minced kelp. In recent years, the health and beauty effects of the calcium, iodine, and fibre contained in konbu kelp have been reaffirmed, increasing its popularity.

Hokkaido’s ocean temperatures range between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius, ideal for growing konbu kelp year round. In addition to excellent natural conditions, the coastline offers rich minerals because of its currents, sea ice, or mountain waters flowing from mountain to sea. Konbu harvesting mainly involves wrapping it around a scythe-like tool. Harvested konbu kelp is dried in the sunlight in a depot managed by each fisherman. See more Hokkaido konbu information at Hokkaido Food Library.

Ingredients: 100% Kelp

StorageAvoid places in direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

Nutrition Facts (100gm)
Energy: 153kcal
Protein: 7.7gm
Fat: 1.9gm
Cabohydrates: 64.7gm
Sodium: 3000gm
Calcium: 560gm
Magnesium: 670mg
Dietary Fiber: 34.8gm

Product of Japan

Name: 有限会社石川商店
Address: 北海道浦河郡浦河町東町かしわ2丁目1-2
Grown: Water depth to growth is 10 ~ 15m
Region: Hidaki region in Hokkaido

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