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  • Maruchan Seiman Miso Flavour Ramen 5 pack 455gm

Maruchan Seiman Miso Flavour Ramen 5 pack 455gm


Product Description

Maruchan Seimen series is very close to ‘real’ ramen that you might have enjoyed at ramen restaurants in Japan. Raw noodles paired with rich miso stock. Try Japan’s top ramen brand and discover the amazing quality that Japanese instant noodles offer to the world.

Ingredients: (Flour, salt, vegetable oil, egg white), attached seasoning (miso, pork extract, salt, spice, flavor oil, vegetable extract, vegetable oil, lard, sugar, fermented seasoning, date fruit juice, protein hydrolyzate) , Processed starch, processed seasoning (amino acid etc.), trehalose, alcoholic beverage, kanshi, calcium carbonate, caramel pigment, lecithin, antioxidant (vitamin E), gardenia pigment, (including sesame, chicken, gelatin in part of raw materials)

Internal Capacity: 108gm x 5 (noodles 80gm x 5)

Manufacturer: Toyo Suisan

Product of Japan

Nutrition Table (per meal 108gm)
Energy: 365 kcal
Protein: 9.7g
Lipid: 6.4
Carbohydrate: 67.1g
Sodium 2.3gm
 - Noodles: 0.7g
 - Soup: 1.6g
Calcium 175mg

Jan Code: 4901990510981

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