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  • O'LONG Top Grade Black Soybean Soy Sauce 600ml

O'LONG Top Grade Black Soybean Soy Sauce 600ml


Product Description

This is the top-grade black soybean soy sauce from O'LONG. The top grade black soybean soy sauce (Hudi oil 壺底油) is fermented for a longer period of time compared to standard soy sauce. During the long fermentation period, a high proportion of all substances slowly settles down to the bottom of the barrel. The solids of beans and wheat push up raw material to form a clear colour liquid. This unique component of the ultra-clear layer of oil is called "Hudi oil". Compared with the general pure soy sauce, the oil composition of Hudi Oil is higher in proportion, and has a lively dark red colour. The flavour is sweeter and has a stronger aroma.

Black bean soybean is a specialty in Taiwan and the only country in the world that produces hand made naturally brewed black bean soy sauce. O'LONG soy sauce is naturally brewed using black soybeans and recommended for marinating, basting, stir-frying and dipping. There are no preservatives, MSG, saccharin, and artificial pigments. The subtropical weather in southern Taiwan is ideal for making black soybean soy sauce. O'LONG black soybean soy sauce is exposed to the sun for 120 days producing unique flavour and aroma.

The difference between black soybean soy sauce and regular soybean soy sauce is not only the material itself. The biggest difference between these two soy sauces is the production method. A warm brewing environment is needed with direct sunlight exposure to bring a special mellow flavour to the soy sauce. During the natural brewing fermentation process, keeping the right temperature and humidity are the keys to create the best living condition for the enzymes. O'LONG black soybean soy sauce is incubated in closed cotainers outdoors, extracting the juicy material for soy sauce after 120 days. Based on numerious research and experimention, the most active time of decomposition of black soybean protein is in the fourth month (120 days). The performance of enzymes collapses gradually after 4 months, it's sweet taste and unique aroma are also degraded.

Black soybean offers a great quantity of vegetable proteins and low fat. It's rich anti-oxidant is even higher than soybean, and it contains many amino-acids and sizable vitamin groups (B1 and B2).

Product of Taiwan

About the brand: SAN YING Foods Co., Ltd. was founded in 1944, renamed from original "Yuan-Yi Soy Sauce Manufactory" in 1980. For more than 60 years, is one of the most experienced and well-known soy sauce manufacturers in Taiwan, SAN YING produces not only soy sauce, but seasoning, pickled vegetables and series of food products. By following Chinese home-made recipes, the procedure of fermentation on black beans really creates the extraordinary black bean soy sauce taste, and it creates an extremely strong foundation of the food industry for SAN YING.

Company Website: http://www.olong.com.tw/english/en_index.html

Natural brewing soy sauce vs Chemical Soy Sauce

NATURAL BREWED SOY SAUCE is brewed and aged by fermentation to decompose vegetable protein from the soybean. To obtain the best material result in terms of aroma, nutrition and taste it usually takes between 4-6 months to produce.

CHEMICAL SOY SAUCE uses hydrochloric acid to decompse protein from the soybean and uses alkali to neutralise, followed by addiing artificial food colour and flavour agents. It is made in just 3-5 days. This kind of soy sauce has the worse taste and has a irritating smell. It contains too much amino-nitrogen as well as the 3-MCPD (3 monochloro-1, 2propandiol) which is proven to harm health.

Black Soybean Soy Sauce Production Process

  • Washing and soaking - Black soybeans are first washed and soaked in water for an extended period.
  • Black beans are steamed for an hour at high temperature, followed by cooling down
  • Cooled black soybeans are mixed with koji mold on weaved trays. A opitmal envrionment is required or propagating koji mold.
  • Remix the black soybean koji when it has reached the temperature of 37 - 38 C on the second day for better ventilation. Carefully monitor black soybean koji after 7 days.
  • Wash off extra fungus on the surface of black soybean and remove any unwanted materials. Washing is done for 7 hours.
  • Affter wash warm up soybean koji in a temperature control room at 50 C to active the enzymes. 
  • Shoyu Koji is moved to a custom made container and mixed with small amount of salt and water. 
  • Every container is placed outdoor exposed to the sun for 120 days. The aging gives the moromi the rich flavour, aroma and colour. Moromi is a thick mash of cereal or cereal and soy bean left to undergo slow fermentation with bacteria, yeasts and moulds.
  • After 120 days of aging, moromi is pressed using a gigantic pressing piston. This step is required to obtain the precious raw black soybean soy sauce.
  • Raw black soybean is cooked with different rations of water and soy. Additional glutinous rice liquid is added to make soy sauce paste.
  • Bottling is automated and goes through pasteurisation to meet international standards.

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