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  • Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee Creative3 340gm

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee Creative3 340gm


Product Description

Stong aroma and refined acidity. Made from Buon Me Thuot Highland Arabica Se, one of the world's most select and superior Arabica coffees. Se means "Sparrow", the name given to this indigenously developed varietal, grown only in Vietnam. A sweet, refreshing coffee with no bitterness. Floral and vanilla notes; extremely versatile.

The Arabica Se is such a great combination of mild acidity and balanced aroma and taste that it is well suited as an all-purpose coffee, served any time of day and excellent for icing. It's also a perfect dessert coffee, being a little sweet and wonderfully rich. Iced, it should be brewed strong. It's impossible to make the Se bitter by brewing, so use it in any brewing method and feel free to double the amount of grinds.

This coffee is also a good candidate for cold brewing, where it picks up floral tones and becomes a low-acid but flavourful coffee when used in an iced coffee concentrate.

Product of Vietnam

About the Brand: Trung Nguyen coffees are one of the most sought-after pleasures by tourists when visiting Vietnam. These rich, multi-species, heirloom coffees are deep-roasted but never burnt, giving you a uniquely delicious coffee experience. Now you can find this world-famous, gourmet Vietnamese coffee right here in the Australia.

Vietnamese coffee is traditionally packaged as ground coffee to be brewed in the regionally popular Phin Filter (as served in Southeast Asian coffee shops and restaurants) or French Press, but will brew well in drip machines. 

Manufacturer Website: http://www.trung-nguyen-online.com/

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